About the Department
The major area of activities of Youth Services Deptt. are essentially focussed at the Student - Youth section of the society. It is the Student-Youth, who represent the most vibrant, capable section of the society, who are especially enthusiastic in moving forward for the sake of human welfare even sacrificing their personal interests. The Youth Services Department has given special emphasis on providing training to the Student-Youth of our state to make them prepared for meeting up the demand of the day. Keeping this demand in view, the Youth Services Deptt. is trying to expand the opportunities for availing different kinds of training. Thousands of student-youth have been receiving Computer / Vocational Training from the low cost YCTCs / YVTCs.
Student - Youth festival is the largest cultural endeavour in our state which is organised all over the state by the Youth Services Deptt.. Student - Youth festival is a unique platform for searching young talent. The West Bengal Mountaineering & Adventure Sports Foundation under the Y. S. Deptt. accommodates the Student Youth in the adventure expedition and mountaineering programmes. Apart from this Sceintific Awareness and development of service, Club activities, a popular service - based programme are taken up regularly by the Y. S. Deptt..
Actually, all the programmes of Youth Services Deptt. are being formulated keeping in view the social demand and real scenario of the Student-Youth of the state.