West Bengal State Student-Youth Science Fair 2012
Appeal by Minister
The science fair shall be organized as per format shown below. It will involve participation by school, college and PG students throughout the state of West Bengal. Students will develop and present scientific models/exhibits and posters at the fair. While schools and UG colleges shall compete in the district level to qualify for participation in the state level competition, the PG level students will participate directly in the state level fair in a separate category. In all, at the state level there will be four groups of participants, e.g. secondary school students, higher secondary school students , undergraduate and post graduate students of science from colleges/ universities.
Participation in District Level Science Fairs
Schools & colleges shall select the best scientific models/exhibits and posters made by students of their respective institutions on prescribed themes and nominate one model/exhibit and/or one poster per college for participation in their respective district level science fair. Following 3 groups of students shall participate in the district level science fair:
          a) Group 1: High School Students (Classes upto X) – One Model/Exhibit and/or Poster per school.
          b) Group 2: Higher Secondary Students (Classes upto XII) – One Model/Exhibit and/or Poster per school.
          c) Group 3: Science & Engineering College students (undergraduate level) – One Model/Exhibit and/or Poster per college.
Venue of District Level Fairs
District level science fairs shall be held in select college campuses at various districts. Names and addresses of such colleges and dates of the district level fairs shall be finalized and intimated shortly by the respective District Science Fair Organizing Committees.
Duration of District Level Fair
In total 3 days @ 1 day per group (for group 1, 2 & 3).
Deadline for Completion of District Level Fairs
The district Fairs for both model/exhibit and poster categories must be completed by July 20, 2012 and the names of the winners is to be forwarded to the concerned department by July 21, 2012.
Participation in the State Level Science Fair
Competitive Entries (Schools and UG level college students)
Three Winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd) in each of the 3 groups in model/exhibit category and three Winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd) entries in Poster category from 19 District Level Fairs shall be selected for participation in the State Level Fair to be held at BITM, Kolkata during August 02 – 04, 2012.
Direct Entries (PG level science students)
Maximum 30 models/exhibits or mini research report in the form of poster display (one model/exhibit or one poster per university) on prescribed scientific topics/themes will participate directly in the state level fair at BITM.
However, for direct entry to the State Level Science Fair to be held at BITM, Kolkata during August 02-04, 2012, PG students from universities/colleges desiring to participate in the state fair must submit a synopsis of their proposed models/exhibits or mini research reports (in the form of posters) duly forwarded by their respective Heads of Depts. to the Director, Birla Industrial & Technological Museum, 19A, Gurusaday Road, Kol – 700 019 (near Ballygunge Ice Skating Rink) by 10th July 2012 for consideration of the State Science Fair Organizing Committee. A panel of experts will select the best 30 models/exhibits posters to be presented at the State Level Fair.
Maximum No. of Participants in District & State Level
For school students: 2 (two) students per model/exhibit and 1 (one) student per poster plus maximum 2 (two) guide teachers per school.